Monday, September 27, 2010

Rockin' Baby Slings

We loved our Rockin' Baby ring sling for when Xander was smaller and even now, at 26lbs, Ed can wear him in it without problems.

I bought it second hand from and instantly fell in love.  I'm not new to babywearing but this is my favorite ring sling by far.  The fabric slides nicely through the rings but not too easily that one needs to worry about the baby falling.  It's super comfy and the pocket is just an awesome extra.

A friend of mine on Facebook asked "where did you get that sling?" so I directed her to both the Rockin' Baby site and to TBW.  Sadly, she came back and said that Rockin' Baby was going out of business!

To anyone out there who has also noticed that they're closing, I have some TERRIFIC NEWS FOR YOU!

I received an e-mail from Rockin' Baby slings asking me to pass the following news along to my readers:

"Hi there!

We have a great deal we thought your readers would be interested in. We wanted to let you know that we are selling out of all of our stock at Rockin' Baby Sling, with all of our prices reduced up to 70%! Please pass on to your readers that all of slings and pouches are currently $40.00 each until they've sold out. Rockin' Baby will be re-born under new ownership in January, so look for great new fabrics and designs then!

Thank you!

Lisa and Natasha"

I am personally THRILLED to hear that they are not gone forever! While Xander has gotten a bit too heavy for a ring sling, my Rockin' Baby sling is still my favorite ring sling and I'm holding onto it for any potential future children. <3

So go and shop, enjoy the discounted prices and stay tuned for the re-opening in Jan!


Best Wishes and as always,

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