Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3 and a Breastfeeding Infant

We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 yesterday.  First of all, the kids looked absolutely adorable in their 3-D glasses!!! We got dirty looks walking into the theater (or at least I felt like people were glaring at us) because we had a baby in tow.  This is something the general population doesn't seem to understand- I, as an attachment parenting mom, know that her baby wishes to nurse before he cries.  My experience is- babies+move theaters=something that one should not fear :)

We get seated, Xander starts patting at my chest and trying to nurse through my shirt so I latch him on before the movie even starts.  He slept through almost the entire movie-waking up only at the very end to watch the movie for a little bit (maybe 20 minutes).  I tried playing with him silently to discourage him from watching the movie ONLY because without 3-D glasses, the movie kind of hurts your eyes.  He loved the little bit of the movie he saw though and just sat there happily.

We had an issue when we went to see Alice In Wonderland but Xander was very young yet and I think it was just too soon to venture into at theater with him.  Plus, Logan is a mommy's boy so Xander would cry, I'd attempt to leave the theater with my crying baby and Logan would throw a LOUD fit and scream because he wanted mommy.  If I tried to bring Logan with me, he just screamed because he wanted to watch the movie.  It was a mess and I felt horrible for ruining other people's experiences.

They're kids movies though so one can't really expect me to tell my children they can' t see the movie because of their baby brother who doesn't take a bottle- that wouldn't bode well.
There are seriously people out there that are appalled at the idea of bringing a baby into a theater at all- to those I ask- why should my older children suffer because I'm giving their baby brother the best possible start in life? The baby doesn't take a bottle so leaving him at a sitter is NOT an option.  He did once out of necessity (I was in the ER) but that was it. Should I be excluded from a family event and be forced to stay home with the baby while my children and husband enjoy the movie? Why should I be punished for doing something great for my baby? My babies are completely quiet in the theaters so I think its' a non-issue :)

Logan was a great theater baby. He'd always nurse right when we got there, fall asleep, wake up and watch some of the movie, nurse some more, sleep some more, ad infinitum. He did this every time we took him to a theater so we pretty much knew that we could freely go see any movie we wanted because he was always so pleasant.

 I suspect Xander will be the same way so we'll definitely be taking the whole family to see Harry Potter in the fall.

Anyway- the movie itself was great.  We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more, we all enjoyed it. Afterward, Ed said "I cried, did you cry?" and I told him that I had.  Adam just shared with me that he cried as well.

I won't give any spoilers but I will say that I expected the movie to be terrible and it wasn't.  I fully intend on buying it for the boys when it comes out on DVD.  It was great!

I'm a sucker for Disney movies anyway.  Well, not just Disney movies, lol, I tend to enjoy watching children's movies- especially if there is singing involved. <3

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