Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A day of fun!

Ed had gotten some nifty coupons off our local radio station which basically offers deals for half price.  He was able to buy 5 $10 gift certificates for our local bouncy place for $25!
Well, for that price, why not take the kids right?  It was seriously only about $6.95 per kid anyway so it's not an expensive place to begin with and the kids had a blast so we plan on going back.

Before our adventure had started, we'd never been to That Bounce Place so neither Adam nor Logan knew what to expect.  I remember Logan looked at me like I had about 3 heads when I told him he had to put socks on with his shoes.

Believe it or not, Logan, who normally loves "cheeses" (pictures), would not hold still for some pics! Adam had to hold him there!! Oh and you see how red my little guy is?  I kept telling him to take a break and get a drink but he was having way too much fun and just kept telling me "no!" LOL!

There were 2 different bounce rooms there.  This pic was from the first room we were in.

The following are panoramic pics of the second room.

I think Logan took this picture of his brother- it's really the only good shot we got of Adam because he was running around so quick.  If I'm not mistaken, he only stopped for a drink and that's how Logan was able to capture him on camera. ;)

Last but not least, we have our obligatory Logan "cheeses".  We can't have the camera out without him getting his cheese on!

 We all had a blast.  There were no weight limits so Ed and I took turns holding the baby while the other went and played with the kids!  It's DEFINITELY something we'll be doing more of!

I shot a few videos too-

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