I had the chance to review an Undercover Mama nursing tank.  I've worn this thing all over the place.  I'm completely obsessed with it now.  This top is super comfy, it's long enough that my belly stays covered, it's soft and it allows me to wear a bra that I know can easily support my busty self!  It's well constructed and the sizing is generous.  I reviewed a medium and I am fairly busty (34F) and the medium was a great fit! I have some nursing tanks that offer good support but I still favor a couple of my bras and it's nice that I can still wear them and just attach the Undercover Mama top right to the bra!

For Logan's birthday party, I wore it as a stand alone shirt.  I normally wouldn't suggest doing this if you're wearing a racerback bra like I was but it was so hot that I really couldn't imagine having another shirt on and I wasn't anywhere fancy so I just went with it.

I think my favorite use is with our Ergo because I can easily access my breast to nurse Xander!

Honestly, I love this shirt so much that I think I'll use it in the future when I go back to wearing regular bras as well.  Again, it's very soft and comfy.

To use the shirt, you just simply slide the hook over the fabric just below your nursing bra clasp and then when you open your nursing bra, the shirt goes with it!  It really is a brilliant invention!

Please excuse the pictures- I'm not very photogenic!

Fussy baby needed a nao

I recently had the opportunity to review a Baby Bond "Couture" cover.  Now I have spent 4 years breastfeeding without a cover.  I prefer to be without one because:
  • It draws more attention
  • My children hate being covered
  • It's too warm sometimes
  • I don't eat under a blanket and they shouldn't have to either
  • It's just a hassle to fuss with a cover
and my favorite reason is that in my opinion- using a cover gives the impression that you believe you are committing an act of shame and confirms societies opinion that it's something that should be done in private.  While this is probably NOT your reason for using a cover, the anti-nurse-in-public folks out there are likely to interpret it that way.  Nursing without a cover says, (again, my opinion), that you are not ashamed and that breastfeeding your child is a beautiful and natural thing.

With that said- I don't really have money for lots of nifty nursing tops so nursing in public for me works 1 of 3 ways:
  1. Wear a tank top under a t-shirt and then lift the t-shirt from the bottom and go over the top of the tank top.  This keeps my belly covered and the top of my breast.
  2. Wear just a t-shirt and go from the bottom of the shirt.
  3. Wear a tank or shirt w/a lower neckline and go over the top of the shirt.
The problems with these methods are that sometimes it's too warm for 2 shirts and without the 2 shirts, either my breast or stomach are exposed and I feel naked.

The Baby Bond has been an amazing product for me though!
 Ignore the bra strap and the sling ;) I had already taken him out of the sling when he decided he was hungry.  Also, I look like I'm sleeping but I promise I'm just looking at him.

I'm LOVING how discreet I was able to nurse in my tank top!
We got a side shot just to show that a little bit of boobage MAY be visible but someone would have to be really staring at me to notice it.  Please excuse the horrid pic as Ed is no photographer! :P

I had planned on getting more pictures at my friends wedding however with the extreme heat, my little one didn't even want to nurse much because he was so uncomfortable.  When he did nurse, it was inside in the a/c and later in the night when my camera batteries had died.

I'm completely in love with it! The "Couture" can be worn in 2 ways- as a sash to cover you while you go over the top of the shirt or as a belt to cover your belly while you go from the bottom of the shirt!

Did you catch that? ;) It covers YOU.  Not the baby!  The baby isn't covered at all so no fussiness or overheating.  Plus, my little guy is free to socialize with me while he eats!
I don't feel that it really draws that much extra attention (people kind of stare at me and my babywearing paraphernalia anyway...)because they are solid colors.  This means I can literally put it on before I even leave the house and then I don't have to worry about holding a baby and fumbling with it later.  It just looks like a sash or a belt and doesn't really stand out unless someone is really looking at you!

Another great thing about it is the soft t-shirt like fabric.  It's really comfy and doesn't feel like it's even there!  I'm so happy that I was able to go out wearing just a tank top without having to worry about the whole top of my breast hanging out!

This is a HUGE benefit to my fellow babywearers if you ask me!  I've nursed from the bottom of my shirt while my little one was in the sling and that was a pain in the tush!  Getting my shirt back down afterward was just as awkward and sometimes not as easy.  For this reason, I really prefer shirts that allow me to nurse from the top but I really hate how exposed that leaves me! Often times I find myself covering my breast with a prefold diaper or some other random object I pulled from the diaper bag.  The Baby Bond completely eliminated that!

I managed to find yet another use for this brilliant product!  We had gone out for a bite to eat and our cloth wipes were a bit too wet and leaked out of the diaper bag onto the seat of my pants as I was carrying the bag! Thankfully I was about to sit down when it happened so I was the only one who noticed but when I realized I needed to use the restroom I quickly grabbed my Baby Bond and threw it around me like a belt and pulled it down to cover the enormous wet spot on my tush! I figured it was better that everyone thought I was making a weird fashion statement than for everyone to think I'd had an accident.   So while it wasn't the intended purpose, it definitely saved the day!

I will say that the first time I used it, I was "alone" (sans Edward) at a bridal shower and I hadn't thought to put the cover on before hand so I tried to get it on one handed.  I don't suggest that at all! Play with it at home first and get used to using the Baby Bond so that you are comfortable with it before you venture out on your own like that.  I ended up having my friend (the bride-to-be) hold Xander for a moment while I threw it over me.  It wasn't a big deal, I just wish I had planned better for it.

Our Baby Bond now has a permanent home in our diaper bag.  I won't leave my house without it!
I definitely recommend this!

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We were given a chance to review a light bean baltic amber youth necklace from Inspired By Finn.  Xander is only 4.5 months old but he's already going through the teething process.  He cut 2 teeth about a week ago.  We had a teething necklace for Logan and loved it but it has disappeared so now was a perfect time to get one for Xander.

It didn't take us long to notice that he's drooling A LOT less.  I mean he still drools like nobody's business but it's not nearly as bad as it was before.  He's also in a better mood more often.  Now, he does have fussy times but usually when he's tired and doesn't want to go to sleep.  He still mouths things but he's not chomping on my hand anywhere near as often as he was before.

This is the necklace we received to review (please ignore my ugly floor):

 It has a screw clasp which is fairly easy to use.  Inspired by Finn also offers magnetic clasps if you'd prefer (but please do see the caution about magnetic clasps There are also necklace alternatives such as bracelets or adjustable anklets.

We love our necklace though.  Here's some pictures of my happy boy! (Lol, yes I know the clasp is in the front, he squirms a lot so sometimes that's where it lands ;))

Ease of use:
 The screw clasp is very easy to figure out
I love the way it looks, I love the unique look of each bead. 
The fit is awesome! It's not too tight so he'll be able to wear it for awhile but it's not loose enough that he looks goofy.
As I stated earlier, we've seen a drastic reduction in drool, crankiness, and the chomping of my fingers and he's only had it for 5 days.

***Update.  We're still loving our necklace!  He is definitely cranky when I forget to put it on him in the morning!!***

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