Saturday, April 18, 2015

Boost Insider

     Like a lot of stay at home moms, I'm always on the lookout for ways I can get some extra cash for my family.  Unfortunately, there is an overwhelming amount of scams out there.  It can be really difficult to tell if an opportunity is legitimate or not.

     I stumbled upon an opportunity, it was actually a sponsored ad on Facebook, which is something I usually ignore.  I'm not sure what about it caught my attention but I decided to check out their website.

     Boost Insider is a site that allows you to do freelance advertising through social media.  What's more is that it gives you campaigns based on your interests so you're not just randomly promoting products/companies.  When you sign up, you pick out some keywords and then they assign your campaigns based on those choices.

     While Boost Insider may not be a company that will make you a millionaire, I absolutely love that their terms of service promote honesty and prohibit spamming.  They encourage you to visit the company's website and use the products before promoting them and they absolutely will not tolerate spam posts or click bots.  The other thing that sits well with me is that they require very little personal information to sign up and it costs nothing.  We all know that most companies that require you to pay to earn money through them are either multi-level marketing schemes (MLM) or scams but I feel good about giving this a try because it's not costing me a penny.

     So far, I've only made a whopping 20 cents but I never expected to make a fortune and I've only done the introductory campaign so who knows what will happen when I finish more.

     I'm actually working on a gaming one right now!

     If it sounds interesting, you can check it out here: (*disclaimer, clicking this link does generate earnings for me.*)

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