Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby's First Birthday

Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Your One-Year-Old

Themes, outings and decorations to make it a day to remember

It's been an exciting year– your infant has grown a lot, and that's something to celebrate! But while your one-year-old is moving and smiling and interacting with their surroundings, many details of their first birthday party will still be lost on them. Instead of choosing an all-encompassing cartoon theme or showy decorations for your baby's party, consider arranging the party around a creative and engaging activity that every guest can enjoy.

Take some helpful parenting tips for putting together a fantastic first birthday party, and add some personal touches to make it a truly special occasion to remember.

Three Lively and Imaginative Party Activities

1. A tea party for your little princess. This is a very versatile party theme, as you can either use it as a guideline for the beverages and snacks that you'll serve or get more specific and decorative with an Alice in Wonderland or Dress-up Garden tea party. The nice thing about a tea party is that it appeals to the little girl in everyone – your little one and her friends may not quite grasp the whole tea party idea, but the moms involved will likely appreciate a traditional tea service with dainty cups and delicate snacks like cucumber and watercress sandwiches or scones.

2. A trip to the zoo or farm. If the weather allows, take the party outside to a local zoo where the kids can look at all the captivating animals and the parents are treated to a pleasant stroll. If there's no zoo nearby or you're worried about navigating through throngs of visitors, check out something that's just as intriguing but may be less busy. Look into local farm sites or maps and ask around your local farmer's market if there are any alpaca farms or petting zoos within a short drive.

3. A teddy bear picnic. Whether it's in your own backyard or a neighborhood park, a picnic is always a nice idea to get some fresh air, stretch your legs and play in the grass. With a teddy bear theme, you can have fun with the food and decorations – cookies in the shape of teddy bears, cakes with honey as an ode to Winnie the Pooh, a big gingham blanket as the centerpiece and larger teddy bears for the babies to sit on and play with. Make it a potluck to cut down on the effort, or else consider firing up the barbecue to feed your group.

Whichever theme or party design you choose, keep in mind a few important points for a fun and happy celebration. To begin, try to arrange a familiar environment to help your baby stay calm and happy through the course of the day. Also, timing is everything when it comes to a one-year-old, so keep the party to an hour or two and be sure to kick it off after baby's naptime so she's bright-eyed and well-rested for the occasion.

Just as you had to plan your way through your pregnancy symptoms, you’re going to have to plan for your baby’s first birthday. Put a little elbow grease into this party and all will enjoy themselves.

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