Monday, January 10, 2011

My Sweetheart

On the 23rd, we went out for some last minute Christmas shopping while my parents watched the kids.  When we went to drop the kids off, Ed had me run inside ahead of him.  I had no idea why- but took the kids inside anyway.

When we finally set off, he asked me what time Fashion Bug closed because I wanted to take care of their awesome B2G2 Free bra sale.  We headed to Fashion Bug and then he surprised me by pulling into a Japanese restaurant that we've never been to.  I argued that we shouldn't because "it's Christmas" and he persuaded me to go inside anyway.  At the hibachi, he told me that our dinner was his Christmas gift to me and he gave me a box with locket inside and said that he was too excited to wait until Christmas to give me the necklace.

It's nothing too fancy but it's beautiful and the sweetness behind the gift brought tears to my eyes.

I will admit that I did jokingly ask him who he had to ask for help since he's never been good with stuff like that.. ;) He said he planned the whole thing himself but the place of dinner was chosen at the last minute because he wasn't sure where he wanted to take me.  8 years together and I'm still completely head over heels for him. <3

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