Sunday, January 2, 2011


My parents came in for Christmas and requested that I make some homemade mac n cheese from the new recipe I've been using (from Stacy Makes Cents) for Christmas Eve dinner.  I doubled it and after pouring half of it into a baking dish, I added bacon to the second half and poured it into a second dish.  My oldest son won't touch bacon which is why I made a plain version.  It went over VERY WELL and I got ONE serving before everyone else ate it on me lol.  Check the recipe out- it's just amazing and very easy to follow!.

After dinner, my boys all took a bath and changed into their new jammies that my mom buys them every year as a Christmas Eve tradition.

Ed and I are horrible and usually wait until Christmas Eve to do our wrapping which meant we were up wrapping stuff until 7 a.m..  Talk about exhaustion! We fell asleep on the living room floor (to allow my parents to sleep in our bed if they wanted a nap) until the kids came running out excited for the days events.

Let me just say that between everything that we bought and everything my parents bought, we had an overwhelming amount of gifts here but it's good because a lot of their old stuff is getting donated and they've got so many new things to keep them busy that my little Logan man is staying out of trouble.  Previously, I'd catch him in the bathroom squirting all of my conditioner down the drain, or in the kitchen scooping my sugar into the he's far too busy to care about being a mad scientist!  Right now he's sitting at his new train table, playing quietly with some wooden blocks!  So while it proved to be an overwhelming amount of stuff to wrap, I'm thankful that we got some great deals and were able to get them so much great stuff.

At times I feel guilty when they have so many Christmas gifts because I don't want them to grow up thinking that material possessions are important but I keep telling myself that it's alright because it's once a year and it's so much fun.  We spend all year teaching them that things are not important so one day a year of watching their faces light up when they see all the neat stuff doesn't undermine that value, in my opinion.

Anyway, the older boys went crazy with each and every one of their gifts.  Xander was completely confused.  He unwrapped a few presents and then got bored and started ripping the paper enough to show the toy and then played with the toy while it was still partially wrapped.  My dad got him a sing-a-ma-jig and Xander hated it.  He kept picking it up and throwing it as far away from his as possible.  He didn't cry or yell at it, he just kept making a weird face and throwing it away.  *We did end up buying him two more later though b/c we were walking through Toys R Us and he pulled one off the rack and carried it through the whole store.  Apparently they're cool now LOL.  They were B1G1 so I figured why not?*

 After presents were unwrapped, we headed to Ed's dad for a 2:00 dinner.  After a great dinner, we went to visit Ed's grandfather and then we headed to my brothers for another (albeit late) dinner.  It was a long, absolutely exhausting day but it was a blast!

Oh and for some cuteness- Logan is hugging his Dance Star Mickey right now.  He loves that thing! Hehe, he's giving it eskimo kisses now! So cute!

I hope everyone had a great holiday!!

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Anonymous said...

Fellow attatchment and BF momma here and may I say i really like your blog!

New follower!
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Danni said...

I'm glad to hear that you like it Megan. I've been busy with the kids and school lately so I haven't been posting as much as intended but hopefully we'll have some more great stuff soon. :)

I'm looking at your blog now and your children are just beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by!

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