Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Love for Motherlove

I'm not sure why it's so dark.  Logan was being goofy though!

If you've read my Motherlove Review, then you already know how much the Green Salve is helping Logan's eczema. 

After 3.5 years of battling with this, he's finally almost clear.  I actually said the following to my mother yesterday "Hey, you know how you said you wanted to buy Logan some clothes? Buy him a super spiffy outfit for his birthday party but make sure it's like shorts and a tank top so I can show off his beautiful skin!"

He's not only clearing up but his skin is getting softer!  I can't praise this stuff enough!

Because his eczema spans across most of his body (save for his diaper area), our 1oz container went rather quickly.  I contacted Silencia from Motherlove and asked her if they offered a discount for larger quantity purchases as I was obviously wanting to buy more.  She said they didn't however, she COULD offer me an 8oz container at a discount instead of buying eight 1oz containers!

That alone had me completely excited and wanting to sing them more praises.

Imagine my surprise when I found a surprise box from Motherlove outside yesterday!  Inside was a 4oz container of green salve and this:

Logan's eyes got real wide with excitement when he saw more Green Salve and he immediately asked me to put his "itchy cream" on him.

We have more pictures of just how great he's looking too!! These were JUST taken.



 While it's not completely gone, those of you who know how bad his eczema is can appreciate HOW drastic of a change this is!! He looks AMAZING.

THANK YOU MOTHERLOVE!! and Thank YOU Silencia!!

Another note, when I thanked her, Silencia had this to say:
"We all were so moved by how much the green salve is helping him"

I don't think I can stress enough how happy we are!

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