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Motherlove Review

Anyone who know Logan knows of our 3 and a half year struggle with eczema.  Not just a slight case of eczema mind you but such an extreme case that absolutely everybody we encounter either stares at him or asks the dreadful question "what happened?"  The stares are horrible as they're those accusing stares as if the person thinks it's something we did to him!  If the people who speak up don't ask us "what happened?", they say things like "looks like he had a fall!" or one person actually asked me "what's wrong with him".

Not only have we been battling to relieve his itching and pain but we've also had to spend this whole time enduring people who are just digustingly rude and think everything is their business.  Occasionally we've gotten people who say "does he have eczema?" and then tell us about someone they know who had it and offer advice- THOSE people get my gratitude as do all of the people on,, or any of the other forums I participate in who have offered suggestions.

None of the doctors who saw him could find the trigger and they tried countless steroid creams and suggested every lotion under the sun that can be purchased in mainstream stores.  I'd be here forever if I listed everything we've tried.

What would happen is some things wouldn't work at all but somethings would work GREAT to heal him up for a few weeks and then just stop because his skin had built up a resistance.  None of the creams even touched the itchiness though.  We started giving him benadryl at nighttime so that he could sleep but after awhile it stopped making him drowsy and actually started making him hyper!  When he got hyper we learned that it didn't actually STOP the itching at all! It was merely putting him in such a deep sleep before that he couldn't scratch.

His newest pediatrician gave him an antihistamine and steroid cream that have worked WONDERS for us.  The problem is we don't agree with steroid use unless it's absolutely necessary so we're constantly searching for an alternative.  We can't give him the antihistamine anymore because it's liquid (was not available in a chewable) and after awhile it started making him vomit.

I met Silenca from Motherlove at a #BFCafe twitter party that she was sponsoring and she told me about her Green Salve.  She gave me the wonderful opportunity to review some of her products.

She sent me some Green Salve, Diaper Rash & Thrush Cream, and Nipple Cream.

The Green Salve has done wonders for the itching! Logan brings it to me asking for his "itchy cream" whenever the itching returns.  He's been scratching FAR less than ever before!  What's more is he screamed with every other lotion or steroid cream we put on him before and told me that it hurt! I'm happy to say that he not only lets me put the "itchy cream" on him, he even helps me put it on!  It's also been fantastic in helping to heal him up!

What's more is the smell is very pleasant.  A lot of the natural creams we've used had very strong smells and were pretty unpleasant to deal with.  Likewise, the non-natural products we used smelled chemical laden and just gave me a headache.  The Motherlove products almost have a tea-like smell to them.  It's very nice!  Logan loves to smell it too!

The following pics are a bit graphic so I apologize in advance.  He tore into himself the other night in his sleep so I took some pics to show just how quickly the Motherlove products can clear him up.

8-3-10 Right Ankle
8-3-10 Left Ankle

8-4-10 Right Ankle
8-4-10 Left Ankle
8-5-10 Right Ankle
8-5-10 Left Ankle

That was a span of approximately 48 hours and you can see there is a DRASTIC change.

Logan had this to say:

I also have been putting the Diaper Rash & Thrush cream on his sores at times when he's not complaining of itchiness and that's also helped in clearing up his skin.  Logan has deemed this his "booboo cream" and also helps me put it on him without any complaints.  
Xander actually had his first ever diaper rash recently and I figured I'd put some of the Diaper Rash & Thrush cream on him as well.  It was an awful, bright red rash and by his next diaper change he was just pink.  By the end of the day, his diaper rash was gone

I'm very thankful to have been sent the Nipple Cream to review as well because Mr. Xander man is teething heavily and has started biting me when he's supposed to be nursing.  The Nipple Cream is easier to put on than lanolin and is not sticky at all.  I actually got courageous and put some on without nursing pads and there is absolutely no trace of it on my nursing cami whatsoever.  There's no staining or residue so I've stopped bothering with nursing pads since I'm not leaking.  I'm very happy to report that the it relieved the stinging from being bitten almost instantly.  Another great thing is that it's safe for ingestion so you don't need to wash it off and neither of my nurslings seems to mind the taste at all!

 I received the Green Salve, Diaper Rash & Thrush cream, and the Nipple Cream for review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  This review shares how I honestly feel about the product and the opinions and views shares are not necessarily the views and opinions of Motherlove.  The contest is open until 8/20/2010.  The winner will be chosen on 8/21 via  The winner have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

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