Thursday, September 6, 2007

More on Applebees

There are some more articles that I felt were worth sharing.
Breast-feeding protest at Lexington Applebee's goes national
National nurse in-you in?
Ky. breastfeeding protest to go national

The Hazleton, PA General Manager was apparently rude and just redirected our contact person to the owner of Applebees. The owner was nice enough to inform us that Applebees has a friendly breastfeeding policy that ALL of their stores are made aware of. Obviously not though. Corporate had issued Ms. Ryan's attorney a letter reinforcing the blanket policy so clearly corporate isn't in on this breastfeeding friendly policy. Not to mention, this incident happened to another woman a few days ago. We also have seen statements from various Applebee's locations in which they state that a woman MUST cover up because "after all, this is a family place". It seems that the stores are taking it upon themselves to create their own policy regardless of what the owner claims that she has in place. When our contact person informed the owner of the KY incident and about what the Hazleton store had told her, the owner quickly shut up. I guess she didn't know what to say at that point- or maybe she was just savoring the flavor of her foot that she had just inserted in her mouth.

My son has shown me that children have more common sense than most adults. When I told him about what happened to Ms. Ryan and how some Applebee's say that mommies must cover up baby's heads and their breast while feeding the baby because they think it's disgusting he said "Well, I'm not going there!" and he was very angry. When I told him about the protest he said he wants to go and hold a sign that says "You're wrong. Breastfeeding is not disgusting" While, I don't encourage him to tell people that they're wrong, I still think it's amazing that my FIVE YEAR OLD is able to see how morally messed up this whole situation is. Breastfeeding is a normal activity. It's nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to be forced to cover up because of. Really, I've worn some pretty low cut shirts in my time because, well- I've got the cleavage for it. NOBODY has EVER asked me to put a blanket over my cleavage because they find it offensive. Hell, I've seen plenty of men staring at my cleavage but I can garuantee that those same people who found it acceptable for my breasts to be hanging out then would tell me to cover up if they saw me today as I pulled out my breast and exposed VERY LITTLE SKIN to nourish my son. My child however is able to see that it's a means to feed his baby brother. We could learn something from our children you know!

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